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Sounding Board offers an affordable and practical approach to moving forward with your IT initiatives. Bottom line - we can get you what you need in your language without breaking your entire budget. Really, it's that easy.


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You're a small to mid-size business. Making technical decisions can be confusing. Through our work on countless projects with different clients, we've honed our expertise. We’re here to help you meet your goals and take the pain out of making those decisions.

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There is no job too small. You probably have a technology 'to do list' that just keeps getting bigger.  You need a new laptop but what kind do you get? You want the staff to use a shared Outlook calendar but don’t have the time to type up a memo and get everyone on the same page.  We do that and more. 

Meet Kristen 

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Chief Problem Solver | Tech Enthusiast

        Get Stuff Done Girl | Writer

Jack of all trades, Master of Problem Solving 

Over ten years in the tech industry and relationship management; and even I would occasionally be unable to find someone to call without spending hours on hold or avoid spending an astronomical amount of money for a simple question. I'm a sounding board for ideas, resources, technical solutions and a problem solving connoisseur. I fill gaps between people and current technology trends to remove roadblocks and get stuff done that's been held up in a queue. In a world that is always head down in a device, keeping people connected is my passion. Bringing people together to solve problems is what I do -and I love it. 

I also co-founded the premier networking group, Jersey Shore Women in Tech and now spend time mentoring, resume writing and guiding young women in their careers.  

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Stuff I know: 

ITIL | AGILE | SCRUM | SharePoint | SalesForce | Business Relationship Management | Project Management