What is Sounding Board?


Sounding board is not an IT support company or re-seller.... and we care about your budget. After 20 years of managing technology we've learned some stuff.  We can help you avoid those pitfalls and common setbacks. We provide expert advice allowing clients to remain focused on managing the business. 

What exactly will you get?

Come to us with questions, concerns or ideas. We'll talk you through your business objectives or pain points in plain English. If there is a service that we cannot provide, we will find an affordable solution for you, that can.


Sounding board has no re-seller agreements and we don’t need you sign a contract. We will scope out the project with you and submit a Statement of Work for each job.  Your IT Initiatives will move forward seamlessly, positively impacting your business without any hidden fees or surprises. That's it.

How much do our services cost?


Depending on the level of work required, cost will scale based on the services needed. 

You pay per project, not per hour.  We scope out each project individually and submit a Statement of Work with an estimate.  The only time our project fee may change is if you change the scope.

If during the scoping phase we determine that we don’t have expertise or bandwidth to help you, we will let you know before any work begins.  There is never a  charge for the initial consultation.

We stick around only as long as you need us. If you need help outside of a formal project, we would then work on an hourly basis.