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Advisory Services

Your Challenges 

  • Making a call for questions without paying astronomical fees

  • Finding an actual human to speak with

  • Inefficient processes impeding productivity and efficiency

  • Lack of direction for new business venture


How We Help

We want to get to know you. Understand your mission and long term goals so you can achieve them. Sounding Board tackles all aspects of your operation. We help manage vendors, control technical costs and manage services.


Your Challenges

Overwhelmed with options for:

  • Servers 

  • Networking Equipment

  • Laptops 

  • Printers 

  • Wireless Devices

How We Help​

We will help you select and set up hardware in your office, taking the frustration out of choosing from thousands of options from cost to quality.

Vendor Management

Your Challenges

  • Unsure of your needs 

  • Sourcing the right vendor

  • Finding the right resources to solve pain points

  • Negotiating cost with vendors with limited knowledge about the service or tool  

How We Help​

Vendors consistently try to sell you everything under the sun. We can meet with your vendors or talk with them and help you decide which solution best fits your need. 


Your Challenges

  • Training users on new software

  • Technical Documentation

  • Translating technical needs to the business 

  • Getting everyone on board


How We Help​

Bringing people and technology together can be a challenging endeavor but it’s not impossible. It takes transparency, persistence and finesse to ensure the happiness and understanding of customers, clients and employees while keeping everyone in the know. We use plain english to explain changes and training for clients to ensure optimal adoption of any process or end user changes.


Your Challenges

  • How to implement new or refine operating systems

  • Install hardware 

  • Update old software 

  • Frustrated end users


How We Help​

 You know what you need but you don't know how to install it. We ensure new and existing systems are compatible with each other and that all elements function and perform optimally. Testing and acceptance, along with basic system training for staff is available.

Assessment Services

Your Challenges

  • Lack of change management for tools and software

  • Improperly implemented (expensive) software

  • Purchased outrageously expensive software for one just one feature

  • End users resisting change



How We Help

We will evaluate your technical and operational processes to address pain points, identify gaps and even uncover hidden inefficiencies. Sounding Board will provide guidance and solutions to improve and increase productivity in your business using the technologies that you already have